About Joyful Alive Woman

Welcome to my blog.

I’m here to share with you my ongoing journey of healing from the Narcissistic relationships and abuse in my life.

I want to help others in this process, because I hate to think of so many women (and men) suffering needlessly for lack of exposure to things that could help them. That is what happened to me. Lack of exposure to crucial resources, and avoidance of them when they were right in front of me (for which I take responsibility), and it greatly exacerbated and prolonged my negative experiences.

I’m a mature woman, unmarried, with two grown children. I am vibrant, vigorous, outgoing, young-thinking and acting. I have the perspective of a senior citizen with the zest of a young person.

Personal growth, good communication, working toward fulfilling human relationships and expressing spirituality have always been keen interests of mine.  I’ve long been interested in human relationships, and humanity’s relationship to the Divine.

It’s not always easy to experience or express these wonderful things in everyday life. I find it infinitely more difficult in the 21st Century than 30 years ago, or even 20 years ago. All the more reason why I should start writing about it.

I was raised by a psychiatric social worker father and a school clerk mother. When I was growing up, even though my father had a Master’s Degree in Social Work and worked as a marriage and family therapist for his entire adult life, the mental health field at that time had really only just moved out of the Freudian era into Jungian, Gestalt and other forms of therapy.

While I was growing up, the field of psychology and counseling wasn’t focused on personality disorders – especially NPD, commonly known as Narcissism, and we didn’t talk much about it and certainly didn’t know how to handle it. As my father has said to me, “we only had the DSM-II at that time!” My father is a product of his era, which was incomplete. We know so much more now, many people having awakened.

My purpose here is to help myself, and also by that process help others (you!) I got the idea to start this blog by reading many stories of the experiences of other women with the Narcissist(s) in their lives, mainly their own mothers. I had been in therapy, and participated in some support groups before starting this blog.

Eventually I realized that it was time to write my story as yet another part of my ongoing healing process. I want to share it with you in the hope that you too can successfully wind out of dysfunctional relationships where you picked up (FLEAS) due to entanglement with a Narcissist.

The most difficult thing is to handle toxic people and relationships with those in your family of origin, and others with whom it is difficult to cut off contact.