This morning while walking my dog I found a little cell-phone-type carrying case in the bushes on the golf course next to my condo.

Inside was a small “air horn” can with a big hole punctured into the side of it (the little spray cap on top was missing); a full BIC cigarette lighter; and a lone tobacco cigarette split in half with some tobacco hanging out of each piece.

Message to the kid(s) these items belong to (I know who you are):

PLEASE do not huff.

PLEASE do not smoke, or inhale foreign substances into your lungs.

PLEASE do not hang out in the coyotes’ urban habitat. They were here first.

You’ve already been arrested for underage drinking last week, this I know through the grapevine.

Think about this: huffing destroys your brain.

Do something else! Alcohol, weed, other fairly harmless stuff (relatively speaking), but not huffing aerosol cans of dangerous toxic chemicals For God’s Sake!

Have you not been told, do you not understand, that stuff kills your brain cells?

Do you not understand that life is hard enough without doing things to make it even more challenging??

You are not invincible!

Life is crazy, life is mysterious. Don’t screw it up by making it more difficult than it already is.

There is beauty in every moment, in every movement.

Be a part of the mystery, not the casualties.


Thank you.

Believe in Life. Believe in yourself. Believe in the Great Spirit that guides you. Go into the Light!

Joy and Peace unto your hearts and souls.