Five Years Out – My Blog’s 5th Anniversary

I started this blog on November 2, 2009. Five years has gone by very quickly! As I look back on those years, I’ve experienced tremendous growth and change for the better.

The main thing is that I don’t have any abusive people in my life. I changed my perspective and my behavior and “suddenly” my friends became different. It’s so gratifying to have done the work and cleaned house. I look back at all the friendships and associations I have left behind and have no regrets. I don’t keep in touch to find out “what’s happening, who’s died, gotten sick, gotten well, gotten divorced, gotten married, etc.” It’s not important to me anymore.

What’s important is my own happiness and the ability to make others happy by being around me via authentic, growthful, harmonious and creative relationships.

A lot of people don’t like it when you become truthful and assertive, especially those who are used to you being submissive, self-deprecating, letting things slide, not speaking your truth. They don’t want to hear it — they just want to be in charge.

It’s tricky to remain tactful while telling your truth. We don’t want to hurt people unnecessarily, but we do need to protect ourselves.

I constantly watch people who are popular, Christian, successful, etc. They’re not always friendly to everyone. In fact, most have a habit of carefully guarding themselves and their close circle of friends and colleagues. I’ve given this a lot of thought. I’m reminded that I need to find balance when I’m being kind, a sympathetic listening ear, or lending a helpful hand.

We may not always like how other people treat us, and wonder why they behave the way they do, but if we continually reflect on things, we can reach a point of peace and resolution within ourselves.

I’ve written a lot of extremely personal stuff on my blog, and I’ve often debated with myself over whether to leave some of it up for public consumption.

For now, I have decided to leave my blog intact. My main goal has always been to help others going through similar circumstances that I did. That is what matters most. This blog will not necessarily be helpful to everyone who lands here, but it will help many people. There are certainly many blogs that have helped me. I’m glad that mine has helped many women and men to get clear, get motivated and become healthier and happier.

Let he or she who has not sinned or erred cast the first stone.