Roadrunner Medicine

On Monday of this week I was driving away from one of my jobs, and I was a little bit down about a couple of things going on in my life, though they are nothing major or truly upsetting.  Suddenly a roadrunner darted across the road in front of my car and he stopped to watch me.  He (she?!) allowed me to scope him out for several minutes while I took some photos. Having seen a roadrunner only twice in my life, it was really a treat.  The first time was on the 4th of July last year. Of course, I just had to find out what the roadrunner symbolizes. Roadrunners are magnificently beautiful birds, of the cuckoo family. They are thought by the Hopi to provide protection against evil spirits.

Here is a link to a really wonderful blog post about roadrunner medicine, with lots of further thoughts, ideas and information:

Well worth the read, and it features a wonderful photo of a gorgeous roadrunner.

Here is the wikipedia link to the species that inhabits my area: