FLEAS and TICKS (as a result of Narcissistic abuse)

There are FLEAS and then there are TICKS.

FLEAS is a well-known term amongst Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers.

Last night I was lying in bed thinking. I was really struggling with a problem that came up over the weekend. It’s now resolved, but it was very intense.

It occurred to me that while my FLEAS have become manageable with the occasional understandable flareup (it’s called LIFE in the modern world!) there are issues that are more deeply rooted and far more difficult to get rid of than FLEAS.

Suddenly it occurred to me that these deeper issues are like TICKS. If you’ve ever had animals and lived in the country like I have at different times, you know that ticks can be a real problem with your pets, and even with your own body. I once had to remove over 200 ticks from one of my dogs. It took 2-3 hours utilizing the tried and true method of grabbing as much of the body as possible, then turning counter-clockwise to remove the tick’s head and as much of its vestiges as possible.

There are also tried and true methods of dealing with FLEAS and TICKS when you are psychologically and emotionally healing from entanglement with a Narcissist. Obviously, the recovery is ongoing as with most difficult challenges. Periodically issues come up that we may have thought we were mostly done with.

The “something” that happened last weekend triggered a couple of my main issues since childhood. One of them was addressed in yesterday’s post “We Attract What We Know.” These main issues left over from childhood are like TICKS. More difficult to get rid of, but it’s possible.

For me lately, it’s about a much faster recovery from a crash and burn over something that has happened. Instead of brooding for 2-3 days or a week or much longer, I recover far more quickly. That’s because I don’t allow FLEA-infested or TICK-infested people in my life.

I don’t care who they are. There’s always a way to either get rid of them, or keep them at a comfortable distance.

It’s also because I’ve discovered and utilize various effective methods to deal with these issues.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that I won’t be triggered again. In fact, there are triggers everywhere, every day. It does mean, however, that my reaction is now much less intense, and it gets resolved far more quickly and effectively.