The Person I Was Meant To Be

“I feel like I’m the person I was meant to be.”

That’s what I thought suddenly, several weeks ago, while driving my dog to the dog park so we could play with all our human and canine friends.

Then my thoughts went to my mother and how, now that she’s been gone for a while (18 months), I’m getting more and more back to my true self. My real self. My happy self.

In the past several months, I’ve started having feelings of forgiveness toward my mother. She’s not off the hook, but I feel forgiveness. It’s an interesting and gratifying experience. All part of the healing process.

2 thoughts on “The Person I Was Meant To Be

  1. Went (and still do, from time to time) through the same forgivenss process with my mom beginning 3 years ago, after she passed. A medium from Sedona whose group I attended got a message from her for me: my mother was hoping I could forgive her. It was a touching moment.

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