Death or Bankruptcy?

You will notice that I reversed the usual sequence of these words. I could have said bankruptcy before death. To me that has some significance.

2011 was quite a year for me. I was hospitalized 3 times and had major surgery twice. One of the surgeries was to cure a life-threatening situation, so I had no choice in the matter. A hip replacement can be done without (with difficulty of course) but lungs must be dealt with.

So last year, after 3 hospitalizations and 2 major surgeries inside of five months, I chose bankruptcy (the informal kind) because it was either that or die. In the midst of everything, I didn’t stop to think “hey, do I choose life or bankruptcy?” I just automatically chose life. I have a lot to live for. My kids, my family, my dog, my cat, my wonderful plants (yes, I’m a plant whisperer!) and a whole slew of other reasons.

I love beauty, nature, music, people, and yes… life itself, with all its challenges and craziness. After a lifetime of challenges I’ve chosen to be happy, to see the bright side, to forget about the absolute horror of certain circumstances, and just live.

I haven’t opened the bills. The reality hit me in September. I just wrote to all my medical creditors and basically told them “how am I supposed to pay 20% of all these bills when I’m on Permanent Social Security Disability/Medicare?” I’m sure the 20% total (my share) is more than $60,000. It could even be over $100,000.

So, we’ll see. But I choose life.

One thought on “Death or Bankruptcy?

  1. I’m glad you made it through surgery and are doing better. Great that you fought back against the healthcare system…that is absurd! All the best and hang in there. x, T Reddy

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