Casey Anthony is GUILTY

I want to share with you two posts that I saw today, July 6, 2011, on a message board. They are copied and pasted below. One is an essay entitled “Today I learned.” The other is a brief response to it by another poster.

I agree wholeheartedly with these two posts. I agree with thousands of law enforcement, forensics experts, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, joe and jane citizens, etc. that CASEY ANTHONY IS 100% GUILTY AS CHARGED for the murder of her daughter Caylee.

The Casey Anthony case will be studied for many years to come. In my opinion Casey Anthony is a psychopath who killed some of her pets as a child and moved on to her daughter, and there is reasonable evidence that she was imminently planning to kill her parents.

Casey’s “best friend” Amy Huizenga had been told by Casey that Casey’s parents were “giving her the house.” Amy had PUT THROUGH A CHANGE OF ADDRESS FOR CASEY’S PARENTS’ HOME before it came out that Caylee was missing. She searched “hand-to-hand combat,” “neck-breaking,” “weapons made from household products” and “self-defense.” Why would she need those things in relation to getting rid of her 2 year old child?

She wouldn’t. She’d need it to eliminate one or both parents from her self-serving scenario.

Think about all that!

Casey Anthony stole checks and drained Amy’s bank account of $644, for which she now has a felony CRIMINAL record. Casey also stole cash from Amy’s apartment while Amy was out of town. Casey Anthony was going to use Amy and throw her away, just like everyone else in her pathetic life. Casey Anthony is also a convicted felon for lying to law enforcement officers in the matter of her missing child.


Here are the posts: (from

“Farewell, friends. God bless you all. It is time for me to go on a self-imposed media fast and catch up with my duties that can truly make a difference for the children in my life, as it is sadly too late for me to do anything about sweet little Caylee who was murdered at the hand of her own mother.

In parting, I leave you with the post I wrote late last night for the daily thread “today I learned”:

Today I learned that I have wasted huge chunks of the last several months of my life. I learned that I was deluding myself to think I had any part in justice for Caylee. It felt good to sit here and share with fellow human beings, who actually have hearts, and believe that somehow we could make a difference. But alas we didn’t make a difference. In fact, today I learned that even the finest prosecution team anyone could hope for, could, for some unexplicable reason, not win against sleaze and corruption.

I learned that there are attorneys and jurors and media figures who care not one whit for the law or truth and integrity.

In fact, I learned the true meaning of “Evil shall be called good, and good shall be called evil.”

I learned that my priorities were sorely out of order; that it was a mistake to spend time on a problem I had no power to solve, that I should have been spending on my own family.

God bless Jeff Ashton, Linda Drane Burdick and Frank George, and Yuri Melich too, for working so hard and sacrificing for little Caylee. They are the true heroes in this case. All I did is sit here and somehow feel like I was part of something important, while neglecting my own duties. I learned that it has become even more important to me than ever before, to teach the little ones under my care, right from wrong, and that lying is unacceptable to me and that I will never cover for them.

Because I learned that a twisted version of “unconditional love” is not love at all, but a license to kill. I learned that I will never again be part of a case like this, unless there is something I can truly to do help, such as search for a missing child, or fight to pass laws which could rewrite our justice system. I learned that I am done with any part of following true crime.

Although I have “met” some incredibly intelligent and mentally stimulating people here on this forum, I learned that it is not healthy for me to care so much. I learned that the only thing that gives me comfort just now, is to know that God is still God; He is in control; those involved in this travesty of justice, from Casey down to the people who enabled her and those who were not willing to do what it takes to stop her now, will be dealt with by a Judge who sees all, knows all, and cannot be swayed from eternal justice.”



I feel exactly as you do. Time to unplug. Time to take care of my little corner of the world. In the end, that’s really all we have anyway.
Look at the small picture and be a “star” in your own world. Change lives in your own world. Pray for the ones who still believe in justice.

I now feel about Casey Anthony the exact same way I feel about the “super stars” in Hollywood who make the news daily with their distorted lives and take on reality. They have no impact on MY WORLD. I am responsible for me and mine. That’s all really.
That’s all I can do in my short time here on this earth.

In the end, all I really want to hear is: WELL DONE THY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT. WELL DONE.”