Been in the hospital

Haven’t been in the hospital since 1992, but the latest incident with my lungs put me there for 3-4 days this past week. I was one sick puppy for a while. Double pneumonia and the worst case of pleurisy ever, complete with lots of scar tissue that intensified the pain.

It was a pretty good experience, though. Great hospital, great staff, a beautiful room and my fantastic daughter came out to be with me even though it cost a fortune. We managed to have some fun after I was discharged. I don’t know what it was that made me recover so quickly. Probably the fact that (1) they allowed me to sleep all night for 2 nights in a row, (2) the miracle of modern improved drugs, (3) great staff, (4) a positive attitude and (5) my daughter’s healing presence.

Not only that, they ran every test known to man. Apparently I’m extremely healthy except for this birth defect/chronic condition (PCD) which has finally resulted in bronchiectasis. The pulmonologist said I’ve had it for 20 years at least, and should have been diagnosed and treated far sooner. So I finally have an answer as to why I’ve been getting so ill so frequently these past 10 years.

Of course, there was the usual, “let’s play on the stethoscope and MRI/cat scan machine and look at her mirror image organs and her heart on the opposite side!”

As for why this latest incident took place, it dawned on me that I’d very recently done a CPR course with an adult dummy and infant dummy. LOTS of people breathing into those things. Uck. They’re alcohol-swabbed on the outside during class, but not the inside. Gross. And I did follow other people. Urp. I’d wondered about it at the time because of my lung issues, but I decided not to be paranoid about it. The CPR course ended up causing severe pain and high expenses, but it couldn’t be avoided.

I’ve realized that every time I melt down about my health, something’s brewing. It happens frequently enough that I’ve begun to see a pattern.

At any rate, I’m back amongst the living and going to kick ass at the pulmonologist on Monday. I will not stand for this lung business any further! Now that I have medical insurance after so many years without it, there is no reason why I ever have to experience severe pleurisy and double pneumonia again, or hospitalizations and medical/hospital bills I can’t afford to pay.

On another note, I got to see the ward where I’ll be recuperating from hip surgery. Very nice. Things are looking up.

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