“How to Please a Narcissist”

This morning I saw a search string that generated a hit on my blog:

“How to meet the needs of a narcissist.”

What a freaking travesty that question is! Meeting the needs of a Narcissist!! SNORT.

I feel not only derision for the question, but sadness and concern for the querent.

Derision not for the querent, but the idea that we should meet the needs of a Narcissist, as if that were even possible!

These freaks of nature, these Narcissists, do not deserve to have their needs met. They are evil and they take pleasure in the pain of others, most often caused by their own hand. Moreover, there is actually no way to “meet the needs of a Narcissist.” Unless, of course, you’re interested in providing Narcissistic Supply which always comes at a huge cost to the NON-Narcissist – never the Narcissist him/herself.

I hope that this person, this querent, whoever they are learns as much as they can about Narcissism, and then dumps the relationship, whatever it is, sooner than later. Because you just know the Narcissist in their life is berating them for not meeting their needs, and probably dishing out a whole raft of other crap too.