Narcissism: Vandalizing the Image of Others (Defamation)

Note: Defamation of character was my main issue with my narcissist Jekyll/Hyde mother. –JoyfulAliveWoman

“One of the most evident warning signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is vandalizing the images of others and it is often done very slyly.” –Kathy Krajco

Narcissism: Vandalizing the Image of Others – (originally posted by Kathy Krajco on her blog What Makes Narcissists Tick?)

To create the work of art that is their grandiose false image, Narcissists often cheat. That is, they don’t make themselves seem great when they can get away with just making themselves look better than others the easy way = by comparison = by making others look bad.

This is why every malignant Narcissist is also a character assassin. His or her line is “I’m good because So-and-So is bad.” (Sound like politics?)

Therefore, any praise of other people is viewed by the perverted mind of a narcissist as a “threat” to him or her. Again, this phony “threat” is nothing but the just truth about another person. Which the perverted narcissist must “defend” himself from.

This is bogus. Those who sympathize with Narcissists, saying that they act out only because they feel “threatened” should turn their brains on. If a Narcissist feels “threatened” by hearing justified praise of another person, that is but a manifestation of the Narcissist’s malignity. No excuse at all.

What’s more, how can anyone avoid “threatening” a Narcissist this way? To avoid it, you’d have to speak badly of every person you mention to the Narcissist. If you sin by saying something good about another person, you’re guilty of the poor, “threatened” Narcissist’s negative reaction? Give me a break.

Narcissists are not really threatened. It takes twisted thinking to view their behavior as a reaction to being “threatened.” Narcissists are twisted, so they at least have an excuse for such twisted thinking. Narcissist sympathizers are not and therefore have no excuse for perverting the course of logic a full 180 degrees. Such sloppy (and lazy) thinkers obviously don’t even bother to know what a “threat” is.

Overall, individuals high in narcissism displayed amplified responses to social comparison information, experiencing greater positive affect from downward comparisons and greater hostile affect from upward comparisons. — Bogart, L.M., Benotsh, E.G. and Pavlovic, J.D. (2004), Feeling Superior but Threatened: The Relation of Narcissism to Social Comparison, Basic and Applied Social Psychology, Vol. 26, Iss. 1, pp. 35-44.

This is why one of the most evident warning signs of NPD is vandalizing the images of others. Which is often done very slyly, so as to sneak bad ideas about other people into your head.

(originally posted by Kathy Krajco on her blog What Makes Narcissists Tick?)

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