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Borrowing a note from a few other ACON (Adult Child of a Narcissist) bloggers:
Dear Readers, if you know me or recognize me as you read this blog, please honor my wish for anonymity. Thank you.

To all who visit my blog periodically, and to those who have landed here for the first time, I wish you a Joyful, Rewarding and Fulfilling 2018! I believe it’s going to be another big topsy turvy ride of a year…

The years 2014 and 2017 were very interesting for me personally. Full of great change, openings and blessings. There have also been a lot of tears and fears as I reorient myself to who I truly am and try to stay true to myself more than ever. I’m currently re-evaluating how I really want to live. I know that it’s not in a plastic suburb with expensive cars and people who spray poison on trees and living creatures, and insist on leash laws.

In short, I’m leaning more and more toward a natural life amongst nature and animals as my next and perhaps final stage in life. It’s all part of being actualized and being a part of something that I really believe in instead of just surviving. I’ll probably blog more this year as these changes take place.  Keep the faith and never stop believing or trying, no matter what or who gets you down!
Love, JoyfulAliveWoman

PS: If you are new to the concept of personality disorders, remember that MENTAL ILLNESS CAN BE TREATED. MOST PERSONALITY DISORDERS CANNOT BE TREATED OR CURED — especially Narcissistic Personality Disorder and other forms of anti-social behavior. Study and learn the difference between the two. If someone in your life has a form of anti-social personality disorder, do not persist in the illusion that they can “get better” or “change” or treat you better. They cannot. Just remove yourself and protect yourself. And then begin to experience what life is REALLY all about.

* * * * * *

I check in periodically to answer any comments or add a post. Occasionally I think I’ll write about something that’s been stirring in me. I’ve been doing very well. It’s amazing how when you change yourself, the N’s disappear from your life. Of course, there are always those entitled jerks on the road in their overly expensive cars or in supermarkets etc., but they’re a blip on the screen 🙂

We may not be able to fully heal, but we can learn to live with the memory of things that have happened to us and move forward productively. We can achieve peace and happiness. I know, because I’ve done it. It wasn’t easy, and the process is ongoing. I do fall down occasionally. Healing take determination and diligence, but I’m a living testament to healing from abuse. Cheers to you, and thoughtful reading. Live life authentically, joyfully, powerfully!  − JoyfulAliveWoman