Self Care When You’re The Victim Of A Narcissist (or in any way being abused)

It’s really important to take good care of yourself when you are being bullied or abused. Many victims of abuse do not take care of themselves properly, even though they may think about it a lot, and try to do it. I went through that for many years, off and on. Sometimes I’d take pretty good care, while still ignoring ways to get dental care, or medical attention or adequate rest and nutrition, or keeping toxic people out of my life. For example, instead of planning ahead early in the evening because I’m not a night person, I wouldn’t brush my teeth as often as I should and/or I’d go to bed with makeup on. When I lived in a cold climate I would often sleep in the clothing I’d worn all day because I didn’t want to endure being cold for several minutes. I’d allow inappropriate and toxic people into my life and refuse to recognize that they were abusive and detrimental to my well-being.

Those are just a few of examples of what can happen when you are beaten down with bullying and abuse and as a result, have FLEAS.

The following is a very good article:

Are You Struggling To Meet Your Self-Care Needs?

Dear Fellow Daughter of a Narcissistic Mother (DoNM),

Do you find it difficult – or even impossible – to meet your self-care needs? Do you struggle to look after your hygiene, or dental care, or diet, or surroundings? It’s not surprising if so, given that many of our mothers found it too much trouble to look after us – and that’s what we learned.

It’s so horrible, isn’t it? Either not meeting your needs as much as you ideally would (and the shame and embarrassment that comes with that) or doing it against every inclination so that you end up exhausted – it’s like climbing a mountain every time.

Does this resonate with you?

If so, this might be the important information you’ve ever read, because I’m about to share with you a secret way of literally erasing this block to looking after yourself.

Imagine what it would be like to:

Easily and happy meet all your self-care needs, with NO struggle
Be proud and confident in your appearance and that of your house
Find it effortless to meet your self-care needs – the mountain has flattened to a plain
Know, with absolute certainty, that you are worth looking after.
Easily give yourself the care and nurturing your narcissistic mother never gave you.

It would be wonderful, wouldn’t it! Imagine the sheer bliss of it.

Well you don’t just have to imagine it. You can live it. Read on to find out how.

Thing is, you were not born with this block to caring for yourself. As I said above, you learned it as a response to your narcissistic mother’s crazy upbringing. When she didn’t bother to take care of you, you internalised the strong belief that you weren’t worth caring for – and that’s the belief you are manifesting every single day.

And here’s the thing: with this secret I’m sharing with you here, you can unlearn it!

And you absolutely deserve to unlearn it and live well and happy.

They say that the best revenge is living well, and I believe that whole-heartedly. I call it:

Ethical Revenge!

Our ethical revenge against our narcissistic mothers is to overcome her evil legacy and live a happy and peaceful life, content with who we are. It’s a way of being able to effectively say to her:

“I am now deleting all the false messages and lies you told me about myself. I’m erasing them totally! I’m claiming the truth about myself, and there is nothing you can do to stop me! And despite your best efforts I’m going to start living happily!”

She may never know it, but that doesn’t matter. You’ll know it! You’ll be the one easily and happily taking care of yourself.

Here is the link to the above article at Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers: Are You Struggling to Meet your Self-Care Needs?

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