Frog Medicine

photo credit and copyright: 2006 L. Trujillo

Here is what the Native American medicine tradition says about frog:

Frog is the totem of cleansing, healing, and purification.

Frogs are related to water energy, the water of the womb, where one prepares to be born. Frog song can call forth the rain.

Frog medicine lets us know it’s time to refresh ourselves and refill our souls. It’s time to get rid of extraneous diversions and meditate on our feelings and needs. Replace chaos with clear, focused energy. Gift ourselves with some quiet time alone and bring forth a rejuvenated serenity.

Frog medicine people tend to be supportive at critical times and can clean negative energy from the environment. The “ribet” sound echoes a heartbeat and calls forth the “Thunder Beings” that cleanse the earth. Water is used by shamans to release negative vibrations. Water is used as a medium for seers, and water is a super conductor. Think of holy water.

If frog is in your life, it’s time to get rid of old, cumbersome habits so that new healthy ways can take root in your life.

Keywords: healing, positive energy, washing away stale vibrations, opening a space for new, positive thoughts.

(reposted from Sharon George’s Goddess Art website)