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Hummingbird Medicine
by Lynx Graywolf

Blessed are Hummingbirds and the people who carry their medicine, for they shall bring color, light and joy to all as well as the understanding that one can be small yet mighty!

At this time in our lives, many people are seeking to reconnect with the old ways of Being in the world, in order that they may heal the feelings of disconnection they feel within themselves, with their families and all of life. So many in today’s world feel isolated and alone, unsure of where their Right Place in life is or if they even have a purpose for being here. Yet when we tune into the energy of Hummingbird, we soon find that all of us are here for a Divine Purpose and that purpose is to help bring about the Healing that the planet is in such need of at this time.

In The Ghost-shirt Religion, it is the Hummingbird who leads all the other dancers, for it was believed that it is through Hummingbird that the First Nations could re-establish their Sacred way of life. It must have been intuitively known and understood that it is through Joy that we manifest that which has the most value and meaning for us.

Hummingbird also teaches us how to protect that which brings us Joy and helps us to feel happy. They are very territorial by nature and will take on other creatures many times their size in order to protect their nests and offspring. They show no fear as they dive and swoop down upon the “intruder”, letting him/her know in no uncertain terms that they will not be tolerated if they show any disrespect!

So too can Hummingbird people teach the rest of us how to protect and respect that which gives value and meaning to our own lives, and to “drive off” anything or anyone that chooses to try and invade our own Sacred Space. Many spiritually inclined people fail to realize that they do not need to be doormats for other people, that abuse in any form must not be tolerated. For if it is, then it only perpetuates more abuse because the abuser knows he/she can get away with it.

Being violent or abusive back however is not the answer either, yet what is a positive option is to learn to be as Hummingbird; Stand your ground! Refuse to be bullied by others, no matter how much larger they may appear to be than you! Walk tall for you have the power of The Entirety of the Universe backing you up in everything you do if you will only have faith in this. If you need help with this, ask Hummingbird to please send Hummingbird people into your life to help you with this.

You shall soon find that you are surrounded by these folks and often a Hummingbird or two as well. I have known several Hummingbird people who while not physically imposing, there was just something about them that other people never seemed to feel inclined to bother them much. So too can the rest of us learn how to protect and defend what is ours by Right in ways that are non-violent yet certainly does get the message across!

Hummingbirds come in a vast array of colors and each is absolutely exquisite. They are not known for being “flying gems” for nothing! So too do Hummingbird people tend to need a lot of color in their lives, either through the clothing they wear or the color choices they make for their homes. Color is very healing and too often I feel its power is ignored which is really rather sad.

Spirit in all its wisdom saw fit to create flowers and stones, the sky and earth, the sea and all of life in a vast array of colors. Not content with creating one red flower, Spirit created thousands.

Not content with creating one shade of Green. Spirit created hundreds of Green hues and so it goes. This too is a message to all of us that Color has always been meant to be a major part of our lives. Color can uplift us, it can soothe us, it can bring us feelings of Joy and Abundance and it can bring us a sense of Hope that all is truly well and in the Loving hands of Spirit.

Each time I see a Hummingbird myself I always take note of his/her colors for I know that those colors have a special healing quality that I need at that time. The color may make me think immediately of one of my chakras and always I can see the co-relation between that chakra and the primary color of the Hummingbird. Or it may be that I am working on manifesting something and working with that color will help me to manifest it more quickly and for the Good of All.

I have also found that often the color relates to my mental/emotional state at the time. How many times have all of us heard people say things such as “He was pea-green with envy” or “I am feeling a bit blue today”. The colors of the Hummingbird always make me ask myself, what has my primary thought/emotion been recently? has it been positive and uplifting or have I been feeling like a regular old fuss budget? It can be all too easy to simply walk round day after day not really paying attention to what is going on within our own minds.

Hummingbird then takes the opportunity to come along and shout “wake up! Look at the Beauty and Joy that is in the world, stop focusing on what ever it is you think is wrong! Unless of course you really want to attract more of the same in which case, I think I shall fly off over here and find someone else who can appreciate the splendor of my Being and the Joy I am seeking to bestow as a gift from the Divine. If you don’t want it, someone else will be happy to receive it!”

Be aware that Hummingbird people can be very much this way as well. “What do you mean you don’t want to come play with me and just enjoy life for a while? Well, okay, but I have to go now. When you are ready to have some fun though, I shall be back round!”

This doesn’t mean we have to walk round with idiot happy smiles on our faces all the time or try to ignore the pain or anger we may be feeling inside. Yet we do have to at least be willing to try to be willing to allow it to shift and move our vibrations up a little higher. Doesn’t have to be a lot, baby steps here folks. Hummingbird is trying to get the message across to you that things are not as bad as they may seem. And just maybe if you shift your way of looking at things for a moment, you may very well see that there is a great gift being given to you and you only need to reach out and accept it.

Hummingbirds are tireless in their pursuit of Joy in life. They are always seeking the sweetest nectar and Heaven and all the Angels help anyone who gets in the way of Hummingbird when he/she is on their mission! I have been nearly mowed down by a Hummingbird who was trying to get to a plant that I happened to be standing in front of when Hummingbird spied it. There I was, minding my own business when Hummingbird was suddenly headed straight for me!

Needless to say, I dived out of the way and was rewarded by the glorious sight of one of nature’s most beautiful birds, up close and personal. I could feel the Joy coming off Hummingbird as it flitted from one blossom to the next, as though I could hear it saying “Oh this one is lovely, but oh, look at that one over there, and ah, this one is exquisite as well!” Just as quickly it was then gone again but it left me feeling euphoric for the remainder of the day.

Hummingbird people are like this as well, and to others they may appear to be rather “flighty”, not something that most humans value. Yet there is an important reason for this, for like their Totem, Hummingbird people are busily pollinating one flower after another, so to speak. They are busy spreading the Love and Joy that Spirit wants us all to experience in every moment and that cannot happen unless they Flowers of Life are pollinated so that they may produce the seeds that will eventually manifest as All Good for All. Bless and say a mental “Thank you” to Hummingbirds and Hummingbird people everywhere for they have a very important job to do and they do it so very well and with such Love!

Because Hummingbird is so tireless in their pursuit of Joy and all that is Good, it behooves us to follow Hummingbird’s example. Too often many humans seem to be in greater pursuit of misery than Joy. And Hummingbird would really like to know why! Why is it so many of us do find it easier to focus on all that is wrong and then say we can do nothing about it, instead of focusing on what is right and then asking how we can help that Good to grow. For we can change anything we put our hearts and minds to! Yes it make take time, sometimes a very long time.

Yes it may seem like very hard work with no guarantee of success. Yes it may seem we are trying to move a mountain with a puny shovel we got at the beach one summer afternoon. Yet if we listen to Hummingbird, we will remember that we too came in with all the tools and power and abilities as that which so lovingly created us. All we have to do is set forth an intention and then begin to act as though that intention has already manifested.

Think of how some Hummingbirds will travel more than 2,000 miles during their migrations. Stop and think about this, you are a very small bird, very fragile looking and yet somehow, you know the moment has come and without a second thought, there you go, winging your way towards a destination that may seem so very far from where you are right now. You are flying by instinct, no maps to outline the way or even to show you where shelter may be found if you get in to trouble somewhere along the line. No one promising you at the start of your journey that you are going to even succeed. And to top it all off, you are flying non-stop without eating.

How on earth do they do it? Science still hasn’t a clue how any creature so tiny and in need of food almost constantly the rest of the time can pull off such a feat. Yet they do it, year after year, generation after generation. And perhaps this is the key, they just do it! They don’t all huddle together and say “hey Martha, do you think we ought to give this migration thing a go again this year? Maybe we should just hang out here instead, turn on the telly, kick back and relax. After all, who knows what might be waiting when we arrive, could be something big and scary!” Of course they don’t, they just get on with it.

They know if they stay they will surely perish and even though no one is standing there telling them that everything will be fine, they also trust in their ability to do what seems to the rest of us to be impossible. For I think they do know what is waiting on the other end and it is Life with a capital L! yet how many of us humans allow fear to hold us back, thinking “well, it can be awfully cozy where I am at and no, I may not be very happy, but hey, at least its a known thing. Maybe I will start tomorrow, yeah, that’s it! I will start the journey tomorrow!” Only tomorrow arrives and still finds us saying “well, maybe tomorrow” and then once again, “maybe tomorrow”, and yet again, “maybe tomorrow…”

You see, when we take this attitude tomorrow never comes. It can’t because we won’t allow it too. This is when Hummingbird wants to slap us with its dainty wings up alongside our heads and say “See that Bull over there? I want you to go into that field where he is and take him by the horns. Now just do it!” All the while we stand and quiver in our boots. But then if we are lucky we may be fortunate enough to have a Hummingbird person come along and say to us “Here, I shall show you how it’s done! Just watch and you shall see how easy it really is.” Spirit Bless them, they do make it so much easier and we soon find ourselves flying alongside them! For what lies in wait for us if we stay where we are is stagnation and death. It is only when we take flight that we find the Life that is waiting for us.

Hummingbirds can fly in any direction they choose. Up and down, backwards and forwards, they truly do move with the flow of Life. Thus, they can teach us how we too can learn to “go with the flow” and change course when that is what we really need to do. Sometimes in order to get what we really want in life we need to be willing to change course, to ponder whether what we think we want is what we really want or is there something even better that we need to be willing to allow into our lives instead.

Even when challenging times hit and we think “alles verloren” (everything is lost), Hummingbird can show us what we stand to gain if we pick ourselves up and see things through. For me personally, sometimes the most difficult times in my life proved to be a springboard to something much better. I too can be a stubborn human who sometimes (okay, many times!) forgets that in order for something better to enter my life, I need to allow something else to leave.

And how often have I fought against allowing the old to go, even though I do know that something better always awaits! It truly is part of being human and yet this is one of the reasons that Spirit in all its wisdom created so many different animals, plants, birds, insects, stones, because He/She knew that we would need all of these companions to helps us remember who and what we truly are.

Always there are teachings present, always are there messages coming our way showing us how we can best live our lives and achieve all that we came here to do. We were never meant to suffer but we can choose suffering for we have free will. Spirit will never stand in our way but will always allow us to choose and choose again. Yet our Teachers and Guides are always with us and this includes sweet Hummingbird, to remind us that it is our choice how we want to Be, how we wish to live our lives. And if our choices are bringing us misery and pain instead of Joy and Happiness, then we can learn how to make better choices for ourselves.

All it really takes is a willingness to change course, change direction. The signposts are there if we want to see them and if we need help, we only need call upon Hummingbird to help us know what direction to move in next.

Hummingbird also symbolizes Love, for it is through the acceptance of Love into our lives and the expression of that Love that we do indeed find our greatest Joy. Many of us have been taught since childhood that it is the things outside of ourselves that will bring Joy into our lives, but so often people find this is not true. I have known many people who in their pursuit of money and possessions have forgotten that the most valuable thing any of us can claim is Love, both for ourselves and for others.

Love heals all wounds, it soothes all Souls, it makes us feel grateful that we our alive and actually attracts greater Abundance and Prosperity than any other means. When we put the attainment of things above Love in our lives, we soon find that truly we are very poor indeed. Love both gives and receives in equal measure for it knows that Divine Balance is the best way to live. Hummingbird not only shows itself to the “worthy” or those with “the most toys” but to anyone who is in need of its Beauty and Joyful presence in their lives.

It gives of itself freely and in return is completely supported by The Universe for that is Universal Law. Hummingbird can teach us that when we seek to spread more Beauty, Joy and Love in the world, then we are then more than abundantly rewarded by life for doing so. Things that we desire flow to us much more easily and gracefully, we don’t have to go searching for them for they simply magically appear.

When we approach a problem or challenge with Love, it dissolves in the face of the Higher Love vibration for this too is Universal Law. Anything we seek to Be, Have or Do, if we send Love forth first, it always insures that our Vibration is in alignment with experiencing the very best hat life has to offer. Our creativity flows when Love is present. Our relationships on all levels become more Joyful and Abundant when Love is present. Money Energy flows into our lives in greater and greater Abundance when Love is present. Money and possessions are not bad or wrong, but they are also not the be all and end all of anyone’s life either.

True security and safety come living our lives in ways that are Joyful and Loving. This alone will always ensure that we have “more than enough.” For things of the outer world can be gone in a flash. But what we build within is ours to keep forever for nothing can take that away from us! And if we want or need more of something, then we need to be willing to give that to others first. For by doing this we soon attract unto ourselves that which we have given and multiplied at that!

Think of how Hummingbird flies about, bringing Love, Joy and Beauty to others wherever it goes and how people respond. I know so many people who have put up Hummingbird feeders and created gardens filled with plants that Hummers especially love. Everywhere Hummingbird goes, he/she is welcomed and loved by so many!

Hummingbird is waiting and hoping that you too will welcome its Love and Joy into your own life. Perhaps there is a Hummingbird person would like to get to know you better and if so, you are a very blessed and lucky person indeed! There is so much you can learn from Hummingbird and perhaps the greatest teaching and gift of all is when you realize that in the eyes of Spirit, you are every bit as beautiful and precious as these lovely flying gems!

Some things to watch for when Hummingbird appears:

Have you been focusing on all that is good and beautiful in your life or has your focus been slanted in the opposite direction? Hummingbird is here to remind you that what we focus on is what we shall attract more of. So pay attention to what is going on within you! When we choose to seek Beauty and Joy, we shall find that it truly is totally Abundant and ever present in our lives.

Now is the time to focus on what would truly make you happy in life, even if it is something you feel frightened or nervous of pursuing. The pay-off will be so much more than you can imagine right now! For part of what you will discover is just how capable and strong you truly are and that nothing is beyond your capabilities if it is something you truly want. When we face down our fears something magical happens; they lose their power over us and we are truly free to live our lives in any way that we choose!

It’s more than likely that you either need much more color in your life, through your dress or home furnishings, or you need to take a closer look at the colors you feel especially drawn to. Working with Color is such a wonderful way to help heal yourself and others, as well as helping you attract more of what you desire into your own life. There is so much to color that it would be impossible for me to cover it all here, but if you are truly interested in understanding how to work more with color in your own life, Hummingbird will show you the way!

Perhaps you need to change direction in your life right now. Have you been pursuing things that are just not coming together or feeling that you have to pursue something even though it won’t make you happy, but you think it would make someone else happy? If so, Hummingbird is telling you STOP! Take a deep breath and just allow yourself to hover in the air so to speak. Its okay, you won’t lose anything of value, instead you will gain so much more! For when you allow yourself to stop what you are doing that does not bring you Joy and then turn to pursue what does, yo are not only bringing more Light and Love into the world but you are also teaching others that it is okay for them to pursue their own Joy as well. And isn’t that what we really want for one another? Well, when we come from a space that is truly Loving, then that is exactly what we want!

Hummingbird may be telling you that you need to stand your ground and protect your own Sacred Space. Sometimes the only way other people will learn how to be respectful and right by others is by us saying to them that we will not tolerate their nonsense. It takes two to play any game and we all get to choose what games we wish to participate in. If the game isn’t a fun one for you, walk away.

There are many people in this world who are fun and joyful to be around, who are loving and kind, respectful of others. These folks will support you in being the best person you can be, not tear you down. But as Hummingbird says, we also need to take responsibility for who and what is in our lives. For it all comes from within us, every bit of it! So go out there and seek your Joy, connect with those folks who will Love and Value you for the truly wonderful person that you are and see how your life blossoms as a result!


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