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July 12, 2010:


I came across these videos recently and have been playing them at least once a day. Satchmo was the bomb! My dad is a big fan of his, so I bought him an album of Louie’s greatest hits (24 songs in all). My dad was really happy!

I think Louis Armstrong was an angel incarnated… an angel of joy, that is! A very talented man who overcame a difficult youth. What an amazing entertainer!

When You’re Smiling

What a Wonderful World

La Vie en Rose



June 22, 2010:
The Pioneer Woman – a really neat blog!  Check it out!

November 5, 2009:
Today, November 5, 2009, Fran Drescher and Bernadette Peters appeared on The Ellen show. Amy Poehler was on too! Amazing for just one day!

I was, as they say in England, gobsmacked. What good fortune, they are three of my long term favorite female entertainers. What amazing talents they all are!

Fran (who I absolutely adore) makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Her sense of humor is absolutely wonderful. She makes me laugh so hard.  I always have a smile on my face when I watch her. I’d listen to her read the phone book, because she’s just that funny. Fran has an organization called “CancerSchmancer” which advocates for Stage 1 detection of cancer in women.

Bernadette is so cute you can’t take your eyes off her, not to mention her kick-arse voice and Broadway showmanship. Bernadette is involved with Dog Rescue and Adoption – an issue near and dear to my heart. If you click on the link it takes you to her website, which streams a medley of some of her tunes.

Simply put, I adore them! What a treat today!  Waiting for the video clip to hit the web wherein Ellen spoon-feeds one of her staff members a big spoonful of one of Fran’s all natural skincare products. Yes, you can eat them! 😀

Who can forget Other female celebrities I love are Kristin Chenoweth, Whoopi Goldberg, Bette Midler, Ellen Degeneres, Angela Lansbury, Joy Behar, Bonnie Raitt, and of course…. BETTY WHITE!

Here is Amy’s hilarious hip hop skit on Saturday Night Live spoofing Sarah Palin, when she was 9 months pregnant and gave birth a few days later!