Freedom from Stress

Excerpt from The Art & Science of Creative Thinking by Ernest Holmes

Prologue: Freedom from Stress

The power of life is in our own consciousness. We must turn there and re-create our environment after the image of harmony instead of discord. It is not enough just to believe that it can be done. We all know, in some degree, that it can be done. But it is not enough just to say these things are so; we must prove them. There must be a continuous betterment in our affairs, in everything we touch, if we are going to prove that we know what we are talking about.

We must believe that God is. Our belief in God must be clearer than our belief in evil. Peace must destroy the illusion of fear, and faith must overcome doubt. All of our affairs are but thoughts cast upon the screen of experience as temporary events. In the silence of our own soul we walk back and back, turning away from the apparent condition until, finally, we emerge in the broader field where we are unified with the one Source of all things.

Every man and woman can do this, and the Almighty has already given us the power. We shall never know that it actually works until we do it, but once we have done it there is added to our lives and experiences a something which will so change us that we shall never again be the same; our whole reaction to life will forever-more be different. We shall have made one definite step in our spiritual evolution.

Ernest Holmes