Your Consciousness of Good

Your Own Understanding

Your Consciousness Of Good is the Law of Elimination for every discord. Your every scientific mind treatment enforces the Law and is the activity of Its power. Be sure you do not deny your own understanding.

The inertia of human thought, rising as it does from the morbidity of *race consciousness and the mesmeric grip of *race suggestion, seeks to claim that you do not have the power to heal, the consciousness to heal, or the spiritual capacity to heal. Recognize this false argument for what it is. It is nothing claiming to be something. It is a lie, claiming to be the truth. It is a habit of thought, unwilling to surrender itself.

You must know that the thought of Truth dispels this mental inertia, and frees the consciousness. Heal the thought and the Law of Perfection will establish harmony.

Know that It does this immediately. Every Scientific Mind Treatment must incorporate within it the consciousness of Completion, of Perfection, in the here and now.

Use positive statements to declare that the Divine Power which you use frees you from the hypnotic belief that would deny you the privilege of helping yourself and all whom you come into contact with. A ***scientific mind practitioner must continuously be conscious that all the Good there is, is **his; not some part of It but all of It. It is not only available, It is workable. It is not only ever-present; It always responds to him.

Ernest Holmes, Living the Science of Mind, p. 168 (1997 edition)

*race consciousness is the term Ernest Holmes utilized for the collective thought of a society. It does not refer to race or creed.
**the original gender usage is left intact. Substitute “her” and “she” for females.
***scientific mind practitioner

PLEASE NOTE: The above is NOT related in any way to SCIENTOLOGY.

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