The Protecting Power of the Infinite Sustains Me

Morning or Evening Meditation:

The Protecting Power of the Infinite Sustains Me

As a child comes to its parents for comfort, so every human is relying on God, whether or not they realize it. This concept is so universal that it has been present in every age, with all people, and at all times. Jesus dared to place his hand serenely in the Hand of the Invisible.  His works justified his words; his faith was manifest through his acts.

Nothing has happened to Reality since this glorified figure walked the highways of human experience. With equal confidence you should believe in the protecting Presence of the ever-available Spirit. Today you are to hold your thought steadfast in the realization that God withholds nothing from you. Therefore, prepare yourself for a life of joy, love, happiness and well-being.

Say out loud:

I know that the Law of God surrounds me with love and friendship.

I let it radiate in my environment, bless everything I touch, make whole that which is weak, turn fear into faith, and accomplish the miracle of healing through love.

I believe in myself because I believe in God.

I accept life fully, completely, without reservation, holding to the conviction that good is the eternal Reality, that God is the everlasting Presence, that the Christ spirit within me is the eternal Guide, that my life is complete today.

–Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker,
Richer Living, How to Use Your Mind Power for More Successful Living, p. 252.
(1996 edition)

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