The 10 Personality Disorders

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*Please Note that having only one or two traits under a category does NOT mean you or someone has the disorder.  They must consistently exhibit several traits of narcissism and a general pattern of narcissistic behavior.*


CLUSTER A PERSONALITY DISORDERS (marked by odd, eccentric behaviors):

Paranoid Personality Disorder
2.4% of population

Extreme level of distrust and suspiciousness of others
Generally difficult to get along with
Combative and distrustful
Cold and distant
Holds long grudges
Close relationships uncommon
More here: … y_disorder

Schizoid Personality Disorder
1.7% of population

Detached from social relationships
Restricted range of expressed emotions
Weak social skills
No need for attention or approval
Somber and aloof
More here: … y_disorder

Schizotypal Personality Disorder
0.6% of population

Odd thoughts, perceptions and beliefs
Bizarre mannerisms
Eccentric appearance
Confusing, complicated speech patterns
Inappropriate social reactions
Talks to self
Avoids intimacy
Few close friends
May marry and work, but nervous around strangers
More here: … y_disorder

CLUSTER B PERSONALITY DISORDERS (marked by dramatic, erratic behaviors):

Narcissistic Personality Disorder
0.8% of population
(I personally do not agree with this low percentage rate in the current
American U.S. population – it has been estimated, for various reasons,
to now be as high as one in three people.)

6-10-12 NOTE: I should have provided a link to this opinion. I read it somewhere online
around the time I posted this post. I will try to find the article and link to it here.)


Need for admiration
Lack of empathy
Intolerant of others’ perspectives and needs
Indifferent to the effects of own egocentric behavior
Attention seeking
More here, not that you need it… … y_disorder

Histrionic Personality Disorder 2% of population

Highly emotional
Constantly seeking attention and approval
Dominates conversations
Frequent interruptions
Grandiose language
Sexually provocative/inappropriate sexual boundaries and issues
Can use manipulation to get attention
More here: … y_disorder

Antisocial Personality Disorder (Also known as psychopath or sociopath)
0.7% of population

Lack of empathy or conscience
Difficulty controlling impulses
Manipulative behaviors
Uses and deceives others to get what is wanted
More here: … y_disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder
0.7% of population

Emotionally unstable
Dramatic and abrupt shifts in mood
Poor self-image
Difficult relationships
Unpredictable outbursts
Fears rejection and abandonment
Destructive behaviors
More here: … y_disorder

CLUSTER C PERSONALITY DISORDERS (marked by anxious, fearful behaviors):

Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder
2% of population
(Not to be confused with OCD, in which people practice rituals)

Hyper-focused on order and perfection
Lack of flexibility interferes with getting things done and enjoying life
Critical, never satisfied
Becomes lost in details
Difficulty seeing the big picture
Impossibly high standards
Black and white thinking
Prone to workaholism
Poor delegator of tasks
More here: … y_disorder

Avoidant Personality Disorder
5% of population

Intensely socially anxious
Extremely self-conscious
Avoids social situations
Prefers jobs involving little interpersonal contact
Views self as inadequate or inferior to others
Hypersensitive to rejection
Craves social relationships, but feels acceptance is unattainable
More here: … y_disorder

Dependent Personality Disorder
1.5% of population

Wants to be taken care of
Clings to those close to them
Often relies on others to make decisions
Strong fear of rejection
May become suicidal when faced with a disintegrating relationship
Requires excessive reassurance and advice
Over-sensitive to criticism or disapproval
More here: … y_disorder

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