Daily Clearing Statement

I am not the author of this piece. It was sent to me a few years ago by a friend; she was at one time in a woman’s group with the woman who wrote it. I have slightly adapted it for my own use and have used it with success. I wish you the same.  –Joyful Alive Woman

Daily Clearing Statement/Prayer

I call to the Light of Love of the highest vibration, from the Source of All, from which I came, to be fully present in every particle of this physical body on this planet Earth, now, in zero time.

I revoke and renounce and instruct my subconscious and unconscious to revoke and renounce, on all levels, all dimensions, past, present and future, any agreement, arrangement, contract, vow, oath, covenant, promise, belief, belief of beliefs; curses of any and all kinds (both given and received), decrees of any and all kinds (both given and received); any spiritual, religious, sacred, secret, blood, heart vows; any spiritual, religious sacred, secret, blood, heart oaths of an and all kinds, all levels, all dimensions, past, present and future.

Find all the hidden ones, the hiding ones, find the duplicates, everywhere, that I have with any discarnates, separates, extra souls, hidden and hiding souls; any that I have with any sentient beings since before the Source and through forever, in all directions, all are to be cleared and released now, in zero time. I revoke and renounce all that I have stated that I have with my soul family, biological family, and any of their guardian angels, high-self committee and any energies attached to them; any that I have with any world energies, any biological energies and any race energies. All are to be cleared and released NOW, in zero time.

I command, in the name of LOVE, any discarnates, any extra souls, hidden souls or hiding souls within me, around me, in my home and property, to be cleared and removed to their highest good, now, in zero time.

I command, in the name of LOVE, any separates around me, in my home and property, be taken to a clearing station and then to their highest good. If anyone does not want to leave, a SWAT team of Light and Love is to take them and take them now, in zero time.

Clear all levels, all elevations, all vibrations of the Heart Council and all councils and committees through forever. All new Knowledge, Wisdom, Light and Understanding is assimilated now. This information is now downloaded to my High Self and everyone’s High Self, is assimilated by everyone and instantly accessible. Clear and educate or clear and remove as necessary any souls on any of my committees.  Educate these souls, put them in order, harmony and balance and guarantee 100% cooperation from them. Clear everything on all soul records on all levels of my being through forever, including all new information. Open me to receive my greater good.

Cooperate and Create with my High Self to keep my heart 100% open, 100% of the time. Clear everything and guarantee the 13 bodies and 18 minds are cleared 100%. Integrate the 13 bodies in harmony and establish beneficial communication between the 18 minds. Do an alpha-to-omega, head-to-toe search and clear any accident or injury, any illness or symptom of illness, any mental or emotional challenges and any whirlpools – simple or otherwise, now or preprogrammed, or coming up that the soul is not aware of, everything the soul does not want to look at, and any and all soul lies. Apply spiritual kicks as necessary.

Clear all blocks to willingness and all willingness programs and any duplicate sets – all levels, all aspects, all layers, all packages.

***[I command, in the name of LOVE, any openings to any other worlds or dimensions or realities (including alternate realities, concurrent realities and parallel realities) caused by bleed-throughs of any kind (all dimensions, all levels), vortexes, portals, windows, doorways, and wormholes, the source of the opening is to be cleared and healed and sealed with a forever guarantee of a permanent seal and any energies that have come through are to be cleared and removed to their highest good, now, in zero time.]

Clear any body memories, and activate and apply as necessary the right and perfect healing energies from all appropriate Spiritual Healing sources. Neutralize, clear, and remove all bacteria, all fungus, all viruses, all toxins, all pathogens and all parasites, killing the eggs, from all of my bodies. Clear all categories of spiritual parasites, and clear any programs to manifest spiritual parasites. Neutralize and remove all metals in the body. Clear all levels and packages of reasons, causes, and results – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Forever guarantee that my soul consciousness, everyone on my committees, everyone on my Master List and all of their spiritual committees be cleared through forever. Set up positive programs to keep us all clear forever and forever and guarantee these programs will hold forever and forever.

I set myself free and I set the others free. I may make the same choices but I make them from a position of freedom instead of obligation. I choose now to make choices from Freedom, a higher vibration of Love.

I AM FREE. I am a free agent to act in every moment as a FREE BEING.

Thank you for every thing. Thank you for every one. Thank you for me. And so it is! Amen.

* * * * * * * * *

Energy vortexes open up in the home (or any place a person is) when there is intense anger expressed or anger that is up but suppressed; also during intense emotions. This is very common around teenagers, due to all the intense emotions experienced during that time of life.

Be aware.  Be clear.  Be free.  Be LOVE.

Originally channeled through Marianne Donato

***NOTE: The paragraph [bolded in brackets] above is specific to say if you feel these openings may be occurring around you. For example: If you are in a store and felt fine upon entering and became light-headed, dizzy or disoriented for no apparent reason, you may have entered or passed through an opening of this nature. Remove yourself from the area, go to your car, or seclude yourself in any other similar situation outside, and call to the highest vibration of love and light, saying “I command, in the name of love . . . ” and state out loud the bolded paragraph. Then continue with the remainder of the statement.

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