How Do We Heal Our Lives?

While pondering the state of our country and our planet, I fell into negative thinking as many of us seem to do these days.  How can one possibly resolve the pressing problem of, for example, getting a job when even Sam’s Club is laying off 11,000 workers who offer sample food on toothpicks at their various clubs?  This is a practical example of what we must work against in our own minds. How can we heal our emotional state when we still come into contact with, for example, dysfunctional members of our family or social sphere?

It reminded me of something I once read during my Science of Mind studies which is very profound.  Let us see if we can remember these principles and endeavor to apply them to our lives daily.

The Effect of Race Thought (the “Collective Unconscious”)
by Ernest Holmes

The accumulated experience of the whole race is lodged in the Subconscious of everyone and operates through everyone until a passageway is cleared back through the mind to the spiritual Presence which has never been affected by the race thought.

While perfection is at the center of everything, the ages have built up a sense of disease and discord which has been transmitted from one person to another. It is lodged in the general race belief.

From this source, through unconscious suggestion, it passes into the life of the individual and more or less hypnotizes everyone from the cradle to the grave.

It is the business of the mind practitioner to free thought from the bondage of this race suggestion.

In assuming this we are not departing from what is reasonable. The individual’s subjective and unconscious reactions to life are largely drawn from the sum total of human experience. The subjective reactions of the individual are a result of personal experience, plus the collective experience, plus the impact of the universal Mind upon the consciousness of everything.

There seems to be a conflict between the original creative urge, its desire for self-expression, and the repressive action which has been brought to bear upon it.

The Bible refers to this as the flesh warring with the Spirit. It also states that the Spirit will finally triumph over the flesh.

Truth must finally triumph over error.

This collective thought has been called the mortal mind, the human mind, the carnal mind, race suggestion, or the collective unconscious. We should not become confused over terms, but learn to simplify their meaning and find the most direct approach to that meaning.

Taking such facts as we know to be true, we arrive at the conclusion that the whole race experience has created a collective field of thought and belief, which seeks to operate through everyone.

Let us add another idea—which is accepted by most workers in this field (science of mind) — that morbid thought patterns tend to monotonously repeat themselves over and over through life. This is true of collective thought patterns as well as individual ones.

It makes no difference whether this collective thinking takes the form of believing that the mistakes of our forefathers are visited on us, or whether, believing in previous births, we think our own karmic law inflicts a bondage on us, both are equally fallacious.

When Jesus healed a certain man who was born blind, he disproved both propositions.

Because everyone is an individual and cannot wait until the collective unconscious of the whole race is cleared up, everyone must break down the barriers which tie him to the race belief. In so doing he will not only be healing himself of the mesmeric effect of race thought, he will also be contributing to the final redemption of the whole race.

We have created certain laws of limitation, or they have been created for us by the race, and unless we keep them in a fluid state in consciousness they can easily become obstructions to our progress. Keeping them in a fluid state in our consciousness, we can cause them to flow out as easily as they flowed in.

There is no actual resistance of thought patterns themselves other than the resistance of human consent; therefore, even this resistance is mental. It is never physical, it is never spiritual, it is always mental. If the obstruction is in consciousness, we can remove it through an act of consciousness. If it is a thing in itself, there is nothing we can do about it.

The practitioner knows that all obstructions are consciousness operating as temporary law.

By reversal of these states of consciousness he clears the mental field and permits the Divine Creativity to flow fresh and new. It knows nothing about obstructions or obstacles or conditions, as such. It only knows Itself and Its knowing automatically creates the law of Its action.

In practice our whole proposition is whether or not we can see through the obstruction to the unobstructed field. This is why Jesus told us not to judge according to appearances. He did not say the appearances were false. He said, don’t be hypnotized by them.

Mental denial removes these obstructions and reverses the thought force that creates them, transmuting it into something else. Mental affirmation readjusts consciousness to a new influx of Life, while spiritual realization opens the flood gates of consciousness and lets through that which knows only the joy of its own self-expression.  –Ernest Holmes